About Us

Our Vision

World Peace
Through Extraordinary Leadership

Our Goal

Transform the economic landscape of Miami by raising the average household income to above the national average!

Who We Are

Team Sage is a confident, committed and proud team of people that are committed to contributing to others while being integrated, balanced, honest and congruent. We work within our 14 points of culture to insure that everyone is achieving joy, satisfaction, and freedom in their lives.

Working with a business coach, you will achieve what you never thought was possible. Imagine having a business growth strategies planning session with your team to have them on fire to help you grow your business.  What if you could create a marketing strategy that your team wanted to fulfill on?

We educate ourselves, our clients and those that we work with inside of fun and enthusiasm. Our products are of the highest quality and value for the money.

Our clients, no matter what size, are eager to learn and grow and are willing to have us work with them to achieve their goals. They are forward thinking and committed to being team players.

Our clients are selected more on attitude than size and they want to work with us because we understand that people are important and that systems should run a company. We offer the most practical, applicable and fastest strategies of growth, and most importantly, we honor what we say.

Take the opportunity to meet some of the members of our team by attending one our our upcoming events. Check out our schedule of Business Building Workshops and register today!

South Florida`s Number 1 Small Business Coaching Team coaching business owners to be successful beyond what they think is possible so that both their businesses and their communities thrive.

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